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Anyone who has crossed paths with Harvey Sohi can attest to his radiant personality, his contagious smile and his determination for life. His love for knowledge and adventure led him to the University of British Columbia where he studied to become a civil engineer. 


The Harvey Sohi Foundation is created to commemorate his legacy, built on the values Harvey exemplified; innovation, inclusion, community & education. We are dedicated to providing youth support services that will create the next generation of future leaders through scholarships & bursaries. We also are partnered with public & private organizations to deliver additional resources that will broaden our support to the community. 


Harvey set a number of goals throughout his life and was always determined to not only achieve them but to continuously excel beyond expectations. It is now our goal to continue his legacy for now and generations to come.


To make Harvey Sohi's legacy larger than life.




To continue Harvey's legacy by supporting initiatives that will create a positive impact in our community. 


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